IR Grid click – thermal imaging sensor



The light that we humans can see is just one type of light in this big universe. For example, we can’t see infrared light. But certain animals and our new Click board can.

If you want to build a reliable thermal scanner, IR Grid click will do the job. It is also a great choice for contactless thermal measurement, industrial temperature control, or detecting human presence.

IR Grid click

IR Grid has an array of 64 very sensitive IR elements (pixels), arranged in 4 rows of 16 pixels. Each IR element measures the temperature of an object up to 300˚C.

The main element on the Click board™ is the MLX90621BAD IR sensor from Melexis. It is made out of two separate ICs – one IC is the actual sensor, while the other one is 2Kbit EEPROM.

Due to the small number of external components it requires, as well as the low pin count and widely used I2C digital interface, this sensor is an ideal solution for building a range of thermal detection applications.