Clock Gen 2 click



Clock Gen 2 click – clock signal generator


Have you ever built an application and were not able to switch the main MCU because another one was not equipped with clock signal generator? You can forget about this problem with our new click board.

The Clock Gen 2 click can be used for development and evaluation of various applications that require a reliable and EMI-free clock signal. It can be especially useful when building applications that allow switching of the main MCU, eliminating the need to equip every MCU with its own clock signal generator.

The DS1087L from Maxim Integrated, used on the Clock Gen 2 click, offers the spread-spectrum function which can be controlled via the IC pin and register setting. This allows reduced EMI, especially on the high frequencies. Finally, the DS1087L offers a NV memory (EEPROM), which is used for storing the values of the configuration registers.