Air quality 5 click

Our newest Click board™ can keep you safe in harsh environments. Think of it as a canary the miners used in the last century. Air quality 5 click will let you know if the level of pollution in the air around you is dangerous or not.

Air quality 5 click is especially suited for harsh and robust industrial environments, as a gas alarm, for example.

Air quality 5 click

Air quality 5 click detects gas pollution from various types of gases. It provides the gas reading from the most common ones – carbon monoxide, ethanol, nitrogen dioxide, etc. You can see the full list on the product page and the sensor datasheet.

The main component on this Click board™ is MiCS-6814 triple MOS sensor from SGX Sensortech. Air quality 5 click also contains a 12-bit ADC from Texas Instruments.

Air quality 5 click is better suited for applications that require relative gas measurements, rather than absolute gas concentrations.

For more information about Air quality 5 click, visit the product page.

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